"Write like it matters, and it will." -Libba Bray

Building a fort...


          Do you remember building forts? That adventurous feeling you got as a child pulling all the blankets you could into a room and suspending them from every piece of furniture you could find. This place that you created became a new world when you were inside. A place that you could claim as your own and only people of the utmost importance were invited in. Your imagination ran wild as you ran your hands down the layers of blankets put together to make this new home.


          Ten years ago I bought my first home (a house, not a van) at the not so ripe age of nineteen in the tiny and quaint town of Florence, Ontario. In that same year my daughter was born, and as time passed I remember feeling more and more stuck in that town. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful country town full of friendly and warm people. Though if I'm honest with myself it wasn't the town that made me feel stuck. Growing up I've become more aware that I am not simply a woman, nor was I a girl that liked to settle. As children, we adapt so easily to change; but as an adult and most importantly with children, we become so focused on structure and routine. Our imaginations get slightly smaller and we adapt to days of repetition. It wasn't until I built a stable and comfortable environment in that town that I realized for the first time in my life I was terrified to leave. What had become of me? Where was this girl who loved to take all the risks? Finally, I put on my big girl pants and moved back towards my comfort with discomfort. The "for sale" sign was pushed deep into the soft spring earth, and the house sold. Now I can say for sure, if it hadn't been for certain people in my life inspiring me to make the change, I may never have left in the first place.  Every thing that happened after the sale of that house has brought me closer to this very moment. Making soap, starting this blog, building a fort with my daughter. For that, I am thankful... every day. 


          Yes, creating this sustainable tiny home on wheels has felt much like building a fort to me. One day I woke up and committed to selling everything in my possession and building a mobile tiny house that is sustainable for both the planet and our pockets. My daughter, myself and our two cats will take to the road in any direction we please at whatever pace is most pleasurable for us; destination unknown, length of time also questionable. Often I must mentally remind myself that my daughter will see me in times of weakness, but most importantly in times of strength. Mollie will see cracks and crevices of North America that only the luckiest of children get to see. Together we will learn about sustainable living and being green for the greater good.


          Thinking back, I've realized that we built these forts to go inside and let our imaginations run wild. Some people prefer a permanent fort, built on a foundation of stability. Maybe my mind refuses to settle because all of the forts I've built and lived in have not yet given me what I seek. This tiny house on wheels will be more to us than any home before it. It will be our fort of imagination, endless back yards, countless bonfires, freedom to roam, and a different classroom every day. The choice to write a blog was something I had questioned for a while. What I like about my commitment to it is that I get to invite you into our fort and share in the journey of this life on wheels.  

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